Depiction of Romance in Young Adult Literature

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon is one of the most anticipated books of the summer. It has been dubbed a hit by many reviewers for its use of diverse characters and humorous storytelling. The story follows Dimple Shah and Rishi Patel as they navigate their lives while balancing the impossible expectations of their [...]


The Need for Diversity in Literature

Growing up, my main source of entertainment was books. It was books that allowed me to go on adventures with characters that I considered friends. I wanted to be a part of their world, but there was no one like me represented in the books. It was alienating to read these stories and not have [...]

Finding My Youth in the Newest Installment from Cassandra Clare

There is something about reading a Cassandra Clare book that makes you feel sixteen again. With that comes the good and the bad of being sixteen like first loves and first heartaches or the feeling of invincibility. I forgot how long it had been since I was that age. Of course, the characters in Lord [...]

The Farrington Chronicles: Episode One

The Georgia heat was intolerable. It was the peak of summer when Arabella Farrington was sent down to Tumbleweed Estates. Her grandmother had unremorsefully told Arabella that if she did not go and solve the vampire issue that had arisen she would find herself looking for a new coven. Arabella rested her head against the [...]

The Dream Walker

Like all tragic stories, this one starts on a dark and stormy night. Thunder roared as rain began to fall in the little town of Black Hollow. The lightning strikes were too close to comfort in many of the residents’ opinions. Lyla already dreaded falling asleep, and the storm did nothing to alleviate her completely [...]