The King’s Game

The king was dying. The kingdom was now faced with an uncertain future. He had no heir. The kingdom would be in a disarray, scrambling to find a new ruler. There would be wars unless he found some solution before he passed. Cordelia Hunt felt sorry for King Killian. He was only twenty-three. The crown [...]


The Monster Within

I watched her brush her dark curls aside from her mesmerizing dark eyes at the same time I did. Her locks were silky and looked like they belonged on a model whereas mine were frizzy and unruly. She wore the same thing I did, but it somehow looked better on her. She was skinnier. Her [...]

The Farrington Chronicles: Episode One

The Georgia heat was intolerable. It was the peak of summer when Arabella Farrington was sent down to Tumbleweed Estates. Her grandmother had unremorsefully told Arabella that if she did not go and solve the vampire issue that had arisen she would find herself looking for a new coven. Arabella rested her head against the [...]

The Dream Walker

Like all tragic stories, this one starts on a dark and stormy night. Thunder roared as rain began to fall in the little town of Black Hollow. The lightning strikes were too close to comfort in many of the residents’ opinions. Lyla already dreaded falling asleep, and the storm did nothing to alleviate her completely [...]

The World After Them

Before: Oddly enough, the Earth still spun. For the 200,000 years the humans had lived and had the privilege to call Earth home, they had credited themselves for its success. It was laughable. Humans! The saviors of the planet! They nearly destroyed it all!  Their egos had driven them to mass extinction. Hubris had been their collective [...]